When Do French Bulldogs Lose Their Baby Teeth?

when do frenchies lose baby teeth

The age most people first get a Frenchie is between 8 and 10 weeks. At this age, they still have their baby teeth in and won’t have started the teething stage yet. However, if you’re not aware of what their baby teeth look like, and what age they are lost, it can quite alarming to suddenly see a small tooth the floor.

I remember this exact thing happening with Claude, our own Frenchie puppy. I had no idea at what age French Bulldogs lose their baby teeth. In fact, I didn’t even realise they had them!

Obviously, this isn’t the case now, so I wanted to share my knowledge on Frenchie baby teeth, and what you can expect. Here are all the questions and answers you will need to know.

When do Frenchies get their baby or milk teeth?

Frenchie puppies are not born with teeth, instead the baby teeth starting to grow through after 2 or 3 weeks after birth. Their baby teeth are also known as milk teeth.

Their baby teeth come in this order:

  1. Front teeth (incisors).
  2. Canine teeth.

Frenchie puppies will have 28 milk teeth in total at around 8 weeks of age.

Do French Bulldogs lose their baby teeth?

Just like humans, Frenchies do lose their baby teeth. It is perfectly normal and happens so that their larger adult teeth can grow through as their skull and jaw gets larger.

Frenchies do not have baby molars (they grow in later), and it’s just the 28 deciduous teeth that fall out, before the 42 permanent adult teeth begin to come through.

When do Frenchies lose their baby teeth?

French Bulldogs lose their baby teeth from the age of 12 weeks old (3 months). They start to drop out, typically when they chew on toys, as they get pushed out by the larger adult teeth that up growing upwards underneath.

By the age of 8 months old, your French Bulldog puppy will have lost all of his baby teeth, with a full set of 42 adult teeth now in place.

Do Frenchie puppies swallow their baby teeth?

It’s not uncommon for French Bulldog puppies to swallow their baby teeth as they chew and feed. However, it won’t harm them as the milk teeth will pass harmlessly through the puppy’s stools – you might even spot them!

We also used to find Claude’s baby teeth on the floor of our kitchen or sometimes embedded into his teething toys (here’s what I recommend for teething).

Are Frenchie puppies in pain when they lose their baby teeth?

Yes, they can sometimes be in pain, and it’s not unusual for you to see small spots of red blood on their toys from where they have been teething.

I’ve previously written a more extensive guide to French Bulldog teeth and teething, which contains all the stages you can expect during development.

frenchies will chew when teething
Teething toys are essential to help your puppy’s milk teeth fall out and the adult ones grow through.

Read that master post for full details on what to expect with your French Bulldog’s baby teeth, but here are the different stages in concise format.

  • 2 to 3 weeks: French Bulldog baby teeth start coming through.
  • 12 weeks onwards: French Bulldogs lose baby teeth, and adult ones start to grow.
  • 7 to 8 months: Teething stages stop (as hopefully does the chewing).

How many teeth do French Bulldog’s have?

To confirm on the previous responses, adult Frenchies have 42 adult teeth, which will replace the 28 milk teeth they have as a puppy.

The French Bulldog teeth structure is as follows:

  • 42 teeth in total.
  • 20 teeth on the top jaw.
  • 22 teeth on the bottom jaw.

If your Frenchie has less than 42 teeth, it’s probably where one or more of the teeth has been lost or broken. This isn’t that common, but will typically occur with dogs that like to chew on stones, rocks, or thick and heavy sticks. 


Now you know what age Frenchies lose their 28 temporary baby teeth I would recommend you read up some more on teething. You can do that in this guide.

It’s a perfectly normal part of their development, but it is essential that you provide them with teething toys to help alleviate the pain from their baby teeth falling out, and more importantly, the adult teeth coming through.

Their gums will bleed, and they will want to chew everything in sight – so be prepared!

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