About Marc Aaron

“Marc Aaron runs the French Bulldog Owner website. He lives on the south coast of the UK and likes to spend time out in the countryside, listening to true crime podcasts, but above all walks and adventures with his Frenchie, Claude.”


Marc AaronI’ve been building websites since the year 2000 (yes, I am that old) so when Claude the Frenchie came into my family’s life, I knew the two things could go hand in hand.

With a young son who is already showing an interest in technology, setting up a website to document what we’re learning about Frenchies that he can also contribute too seems like a great idea.

And that’s how the French Bulldog Owner website came about.

I am not professing to be a vet and I’d also never owned a dog before our Frenchie. That means that everything you read on this website is our own personal experience of owning a French Bulldog. It’s all real-life experience.

As I have no veterinarian qualifications, a lot of the health-related information on here has been researched by reading vet websites and talking to our own vet. I always recommend that if you have any concern over your own Frenchie, your vet is the best person to talk to!

But what you do get on this website is a passion about French Bulldogs and fun approach to ownership. Frenchies are a lot of fun, and when you mix that with a 6-year-old child the adventures are like nothing else!

The written content on here is all produced by myself and my wife Jemma. The videos on our YouTube channel are developed by my son and I. You will occasionally see my boy either presenting small segments of video or being one of the stars when playing with our Frenchie.

My son has grown up with Claude from a very young age, so I’ve managed to document and record so much of what the two of them have got up to.


Our French Bulldog Owner YouTube channel is still relatively new as we didn’t start that up until a few months after the website went live. What we’re trying to do is publish one episode a week.

My approach to YouTube is that it needs to be fun and engaging, so there’s a lot more humour on our videos than on this website. My son and I will conduct little fun experiments with Claude the Frenchie to find out thing like:

Our YouTube channel isn’t just about fun experiments though. It also contains tutorial videos such as how to introduce your Frenchie to a cat, how to pick your dog up properly, how to bathe yours and lots more.

I’ve just invested in some professional video equipment including a GoPro camera so hopefully you will see better and better production quality as the months go on!

Please do subscribe to our weekly French Bulldog videos on YouTube and leave a comment if you like what you see.


Aside from writing about French Bulldogs on this blog, I also contribute to various other platforms. I answer questions in Quora and am active on Pinterest.