French Bulldog Teething Toys

The French Bulldog teething stage is something that all owners will have to go through with their puppies. One of the best things you can do is use French Bulldog teething toys. They will help to alleviate the pain and discomfort from chewing, and possibly even distract them from chewing your valuable stuff!

Below you can see links to the best-rated French Bulldog teething toys that you can buy on Amazon. We personally love the Kong range. They really helped Claude when teething, and are used by millions of dog owners all around the world.

Kong Classic (view on Amazon)

The Kong is possibly the most popular dog chewing toy in the world. We used one of these as a teething toy when Claude was a puppy. As well the rugged design, Kong’s have a whole in them. You can put treats in there, and it will leave your dog entertained for hours. We’ve use Xylitol-free peanut butter, small bits of kibble, and then left the Kong with our Frenchie. You can also chuck it in the freezer for 30 minutes if your dog has really bad teething. It will help relieve the gums and teeth.

Nylabone Key Ring Chew (view on Amazon)

We’ve not personally used this Frenchie teething toy, but it does have great reviews on Amazon so is worthy of inclusion. The manufacturer states the key ring chews encourages non-destructive chewing habits. The material is ideal for teething puppies, and each key has a slightly different feel to it. It’s claimed to massage the gums and help keep your dog’s teeth clean.