About French Bulldog Owner

“Our aim is to offer the best French Bulldog advice, tips, and content on the Internet for people who already own a Frenchie or are thinking about getting this amazing little dog.”


We’d talked about getting a dog for many years, but there were always a few things holding us back. Did we have the time to look after a dog? Would a dog suit our family? How would a dog get along with our young son and cat?

After all, getting a dog is a HUGE responsibility.

We put it off and put it off until one day in 2016. We’d heard that was a litter of French Bulldog puppies in our town who all needed a home. We decided to go take a look.

When we got to the breeder’s house there were 5 gorgeous Frenchie puppies with their beautiful mum. One of the puppies immediately scuttled over to me and started chewing on my fingers.

After that happened, there was no going back. We simply couldn’t say no to this little guy.

We checked all the paperwork through, paid the breeder, and off we went to get our house prepared for our new arrival.

The next day we went to pick up our Frenchie puppy and brought him home. You can see the moment that we introduced him to our son in this video on YouTube.

Our son named him Claude, and things haven’t been the same since! He immediately became a huge focus in our lives.

French bulldog and cat

We had never owned a dog before, and in truth, probably weren’t that prepared.

And we especially weren’t prepared for the absolute craziness that a French Bulldog was going to bring to our household.

But we don’t regret it for one moment.

Over the last few years we have learned so much about this breed and everything you read on the French Bulldog Owner website is real-life personal experience.

Whilst we’re not going to pretend to complete experts on French Bulldogs, we do really own one, and you’re going to see videos and photos of Claude as you explore the website further.

I hope that you can learn a few things from us, enjoy coming on our journey of French Bulldog ownership.

We hope that the love and passion we have for our dog comes through in our website content.

Enjoy the reads!

Marc & Jemma x


Every week we try to release a new video on YouTube with our adventures with Claude and funny Frenchie videos. You can see a few examples of our latest videos below. If you haven’t already done it, please click here to subscribe on YouTube.