How Cold is Too Cold for a French Bulldog?

how cold is too cold for a french bulldog

It’s approaching wintertime here in the UK and we’ve had to take some special measures with Claude the Frenchie. Whilst he loves playing snow (watch video), if he’s out in the cold for too long it can be problematic.

Smaller short-haired dogs certainly feel the cold more than their larger long-haired counterparts. The brachycephalic breeds also tend to suffer too. But how cold is too cold for a Frenchie? I decided to find out…

How cold is too cold for a French Bulldog? Temperatures of 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) can be too cold for a Frenchie, especially if you have an older dog, a younger puppy, or a dog with medical problems. If wet weather is present, the risks can also be higher. 

If you are concerned about the cold being too cold for your Frenchie, then I recommend you check out some of the following resources to help keep your dog warmer:

To give you a better understanding of how cold is too cold, I’ve developed this infographic below. It was inspired by the Tufts Animal Condition and Care scales which provide guidance for weather conditions depending on the size of your dog. 

how cold is too cold
This chart shows how cold weather can be dangerous for French Bulldogs when it’s snowing.

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Things to do when it’s too cold for a Frenchie

Here are a few simple tips you should adopt when the weather gets too cold for your French Bulldog.

  • Health checks: get your Frenchie checked out before the winter season to ensure any existing medical problems won’t worsen.
  • Know your Frenchie’s limits: with old Frenchies take extra special care, and the same goes for puppies as they cannot cope with the cold as well.
  • Stay indoors: if you feel it’s too cold for your Frenchie, let them stay indoors with you rather than thinking you have to walk them.
  • Check paws: the paws can become cracked and painful in cold weather, so make sure you check them regularly.
  • Wipe down: after going out in snow and ice, wipe your Frenchie’s fur down to get rid of any dampness that could cause illness.

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Don’t feel that you have to take your Frenchie out if the weather is too cold. Yes, they might miss having their walk, but there are still plenty of things you can do indoors to keep them occupied and active. For example, we have a laser pen which will let Claude chase when it’s too cold to go outside. That can give him enough exercise a few times a day until  the weather gets better.

The bottom line is this; some weather is too harsh for these little fellas. How cold is too cold for a Frenchie can usually be determined by you stepping outside and making a sensible judgement call. If might be that you only go out for 10 minutes instead of 30, but if in doubt, refer to the chart I’ve created and print it out for winter time.

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