Best French Bulldog Winter Coats

With the cold weather approaching there’s no better time to get your French Bulldog a winter coat. Frenchies have short hair and don’t cope very well in cold weather. If you live in a colder climate or the winter is coming, it’s imperative you keep your little buddy warm and cosy.

To help you with that I’ve put together a selection of the best French Bulldog winter coats ideal for puppies, adult dogs, plus options with harnesses. All of the recommendations below are based on not just value for money (you can’t put a price can on your Frenchie’s comfort) but on what the best on the market are according to reviews.

Warmest choice: Gooby padded winter coat

The Gooby isn’t the most stylish of winter jackets, but it’s the warmest. My wife and I went to our local pet store and tested a number of Frenchie jackets with our dog Claude. This was by far the warmest one that we found due to the soft fleece lining. So, if keeping your Frenchie safe from very cold temperatures is your priority, this is one you choose.

It’s lightweight with a water-resistant material that won’t get soggy with snow and rain. Moisture simply slides away from it. It’s also designed so that no mess gets stuck on the back should your Frenchie want to do his business.

And if it’s a French Bulldog winter coat with harness that you want, this is perfect. You don’t actually need a harness, as it has a ring on the back to connect the lead/leash.

To find out more and see the latest prices go and read the Amazon reviews.

Best stylish choice: Didog reflective winter coat

Style is very subjective admittedly, but in my opinion this snug fitting French Bulldog winter coat ticks a lot of boxes. It’s fashionable and functional snowsuit with warm materials and a reflective cover to keep your Frenchie safe in the dark and snow.

Unlike the other winter jackets in this list, this one uses Velcro instead of a zipper. The thing with zippers is that they can get hair and fur caught in them. The Velcro mechanism on this one makes taking it on and off very easy.

Chuck it in the washing machine when it’s dirty, fold it up when not in use, and use the leash hole to attach if you don’t want to use a harness.

I love this jacket and would buy this if the first choice wasn’t available. Go take a look at the Amazon prices to see how much you can pick this up for.

Best for warmer climates: iChoue Frenchie hoodie

If you live in a place that has mild winters, then this hoodie is probably the best Frenchie winter coat. It not going to keep them warm in very low temperatures but is ideal for a warmer winter and shorter walks… perhaps your Frenchie even wears this around the house?

This hoodie has been designed with French Bulldogs in mind. You know how Frenchies have that wide and muscular chest? Well this hoodie snugly fits onto their unique body shape. And it’s easy to clean being machine washable, with a simple to use zipper mechanism.

I would love to buy one of these for Claude. I think this hoodie is super cute and will make your Frenchie look like the coolest pup on the block this winter.

To see what other people say about it, head on over to Amazon where you can see how much this jacket costs to buy.

The funky choice: iChoue winter warm coat in camo design

Again, this is subjective, but I really think this is the coolest French Bulldog winter coat that money can buy right now. Perhaps that’s just me, but a Frenchie in camo clothing looks like he means business… imagine stepping out in the winter with this guy by your side!

It’s another one from iChoue, a market leader are when it comes to French Bulldog winter clothes. It’s easy to see why, their jackets look stunning and this one is no different.

As a French bulldog puppy winter coat people will be stopping you every few yards to say hello and give you little guy a pet. But more importantly it’s warm and functional and should serve you well over the winter months.

To find out more about this one and read the reviews and see prices, it’s also available on Amazon. 

How to put a winter coat on a Frenchie 

Now that you’re seen my recommended French Bulldog winter coats, the next step is going to be fitting one to your dog. Don’t just assume your Frenchie is going to let you put a jacket on him. They are stubborn little creatures so you might struggle.

So, here’s a very quick guide explaining how to put a winter coat on a Frenchie.

Putting a winter jacket on your Frenchie

A winter jacket will keep your Frenchie warm in the winter and snow, but it can be a challenge trying to get him to wear one.

Before you even get that far though, you need to make sure you’re buying a coat that actually fits him. Here’s each step from measuring up, to training him to wear it.

Day 1: Measuring up

You will need to measure the overall circumference of your Frenchie’s chest and neck. Using a tape measure, record the distance from the neck base to the base of the tail. This will give you the correct jacket length.

Then you need to also measure the length of his chest. To do so, wrap the tape measure around his chest at the widest point to record the circumference.

I recommend choosing a winter coat that doesn’t have a lot of give in it. If it’s baggy and loose it’s not only going to be colder, but your puppy or dog will paw at it and probably won’t enjoy wearing it – you want something with a reasonably snug fit.

Handy Hint: Only buy a coat that ends at the waist of your Frenchie or has a hole/gap area so they can go to the toilet easily.

Day 2: Introducing the coat

Today you’re not going to be putting the coat on your Frenchie. The start of the training process is all about getting him used to the jacket, so place it on the ground in front of him and let your puppy have a good sniff of it.

Once he’s sniffed at it, pick it up and just drape it over his back. As soon as it’s draped over him, give him a quick treat and shower him with praise.

This is all designed to encourage positive reinforcement that there’s nothing to be scared of. Keep repeating this a few times over 10 minutes, and then let it be for the day. Tomorrow we will be attempting to put it on!

Day 3: Put the winter coat on

Today’s the big day when you’ll be putting the winter coat on your Frenchie. Start off with the draping and reward system for a couple of minutes.

Once that’s done, pull the jacket on properly and connect it up using the zipper or Velcro. As soon as it’s on him, reward him, shower with praise, and create a distraction.

If your Frenchie reacts badly to having the coat put on (Claude would initially think it was a big game) then hold him firmly until it’s in place, and then reward him. My wife and I teamed up for this so it does help to have another person on hand.

Whatever you do, don’t shout. That will only further agitate your dog and you will then find it impossible to get the winter coat on him.

Once that’s done, I found it best to suddenly start walking off around the house with the treats in tow. With any luck your Frenchie should start to follow you.

After a few minutes, take the jacket off and reward him again. The key here is to get him used to you putting on and taking off the coat with no resistance.

Day 4: Repeat the process again

Today all you should be doing is repeating the process from day 3. The hope by now is that your French Bulldog puppy gets used to the winter coat.

Day 5: The great outdoors

By day 5 you should be ready to explore the great outdoors.

Before you step out of the house, do a final check to make sure it’s not too tight around your Frenchie’s neck, under the arms, and around his chest.

The two-finger test is best here, just like with a collar. If you can slip two fingers under the jacket, then it’s a good fit. If you can’t do this, the coat is on too tight.

Do French Bulldogs need winter coats?

Do French Bulldogs need jackets though? Is a winter coat an essential purchase for your Frenchie? I would say yes, French Bulldogs do need winter coats dependent on the weather conditions.

Frenchies aren’t the same as larger dogs with longer hair. They have smaller bodies and shorter hair which makes them more susceptible to cold weather. In fact, I put together an infographic which explains how cold is too cold for a Frenchie.

how cold is too cold
This chart shows how cold weather can be dangerous for French Bulldogs when it’s snowing.

Looking at that guide above, French Bulldogs will need winter coats as soon as the temperature range hits between 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit). These temperatures can be dangerous for smaller dogs, especially if they are older and it’s wet outside.

In temperatures are lower than this, I would advise you limit taking your Frenchie outside, and if you do for short periods of time, a winter coat is definitely a requirement.

The bottom line is this; smaller and older dogs, dogs with medical issues, young puppies, and short-haired breeds can benefit from the warmth a coat offers. But the coat needs to offer adequate protection to the neck and stomach areas where the cold can really bite.

What about winter boots?

Your Frenchie’s feet will get cold too with risk of frostbite and hypothermia. There’s also the additional risk of salt and chemicals in the snow and ice that can burn their paws.

To see which winter shoes I recommend, look at these French Bulldog winter boots.

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