Best French Bulldog Toothpaste Recommended by Vets

Best French Bulldog Toothpaste

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems afflicting French Bulldogs, but as an owner you can help to reduce the risk by using a good canine toothpaste.

As a Frenchie owner, I’ve been through a few different French Bulldog toothpaste brands over the last 3 years, so know exactly what the best ones are. Unlike other websites, I am not going to give you long list of dog toothpastes, but instead just 2 that I’ve used and why I recommend them.

Vet approved toothpastes for French Bulldogs

The key is, to get a French Bulldog toothpaste that doesn’t just cure their bad breath, but also protects teeth and gums. Not all of them will do this, so you need to find a good 2 in 1 protection – plus something that your Frenchie won’t recoil at the taste with.

1. Vetoquinol Enzadent toothpaste

It’s the most expensive, but only because it’s in a pack of 3 toothpastes rather than 1. It’s the best Frenchie toothpaste we’ve used, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it tastes like chicken (not that I’ve tasted it), so your dog won’t be disgusted by it, and should look forward to having his teeth cleaned.

This toothpaste also doesn’t foam. French Bulldogs hate foaming toothpaste in their mouth, it drives them crazy and they just end up shaking their head, and the foam goes everywhere.

This product also offers an exceptional clean and polish and does your Frenchie no harm when swallowed – it’s the leading brand in enzymatic dog toothpastes and comes in a pack of 3 which should last all year.

2. Virbac enzymatic toothpaste

Virbac just comes in single packs, so works out at a similar price to my leading recommendation. But there’s a reason why this isn’t my top choice, and it’s purely down to personal experience… our Frenchie Claude didn’t get on with the taste.

Yes, it cleaned his teeth great, but he recoiled and struggled with the beef flavor – and we tried them all. And that’s the thing; most French Bulldog toothpastes are actually very similar and mostly just boil down to how your dog likes them.

It’s a great choice, and if your Frenchie likes beef over chicken, could be the right one for your pup – made in the USA, it is vet recommended as you would expect.

Handy Hint: Never use human toothpaste on your Frenchie! Our toothpaste contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs and can make them very ill.

Why use a dog toothpaste?

All dog owners should regularly brush their dog’s teeth, and Frenchies are no different.

Statistics around canine dental decay make for sobering reading; it’s said that more than 80% of dogs have dental disease once they reach three years old. Frenchies are particularly prone to teeth problems due to their shortened snout.

This characteristic makes their jaws become overcrowded with teeth, leading to persistent dental problems.

Just like with humans, tartar and plaque can build-up in your dog’s mouth, but can be prevented with regular teeth brushing and a quality dog toothpaste that is designed to be swallowed.

As well as a toothpaste, you can also give your Frenchie chew toys (here’s what I recommend). When dogs chew toys, it can help to reduce and remove tartar and plaque. There are also some special treats you can use.

If you click the image below, that will take your directly through to one of the best Frenchie teeth cleaning chew toys that money can buy (on Amazon).

Getting your Frenchie used to toothpaste

The first time you try and brush your Frenchie’s teeth, he will probably resist. It’s to be expected as it’s an entirely new and strange sensation for them. However, with a little practice, and a great tasting flavor, you should be able to get them used to it.

With Claude, I started off by rubbing the Frenchie toothpaste into his teeth and gums first over the space of a week. This got him used to me going in his mouth and let him get used to the taste.

Handy Hint: I have also written a guide to the best Frenchie toothbrushes that we use plus one that’s great for a puppy who won’t sit still!


It’s imperative that you keep your Frenchie’s teeth clean. Not only can it help with their notoriously bad breath, but will help reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

Doggy toothpastes are designed to scrub the teeth, which washes away the plaque, plus enzymes to reduce bacteria – which is why you should always choose a product labelled as “enzymatic”.

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