Are French Bulldogs Good Lap Dogs? Yes… and No

Are French Bulldogs Good Lap Dogs

The perfect lap dog is one that loves to cuddle up into your lap and get all cosy warm with you. Frenchies love to do that, but there are some things you should be aware of if you are looking for a good lap dog at just the right size. French Bulldogs might not tick all the boxes for, and here’s why…

Are French Bulldogs good lap dogs? Frenchies can make for great lap dogs. They have all the characteristics of a lap dog; affectionate, cuddly, eager to please, and good tempered. However, some people might find that size of a fully-grown Frenchie a little too big to sit on them comfortably.

That’s the short answer, but I don’t want you to give up on having a French Bulldog as a lap dog just yet. The pros definitely far outweigh the cons.

Below I will explain why they make for great lap dogs, and then after that explain why you might want to get a different breed altogether. I’ve also included some photos of our Frenchie Claude our lap, and one of his Frenchie friends getting all cuddly.

After reading what I’ve written lower down the page you might not think that Frenchies are good lap dogs after all. 

Why Frenchies make for good lap dogs

French Bulldogs have been bred to be human companion dogs. They crave our attention, have a constant desire to be part of the pack, and won’t want to leave your side.

Here are the things that I believe make for a good lap dog, and how Frenchies definitely score high! 

1. Frenchies like to cuddle and get close to you

If you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, then look no further than a Frenchie. They love to get up close and personal to you and will invade your space – in a loveable way of course!

Frenchies love to be as near to their owners as possible and are renowned for cuddling. When they’re on your lap they will be looking for constant clues as to how to please you, staring into your eyes for recognition and love. 

are underbites in frenchies normal
French Bulldogs love to sit on laps and look lovingly into your eyes.

2. Frenchies like to nap

French Bulldogs aren’t a breed who require a lot of exercise. In fact, with most of them a couple of 20 minutes walks each day should be ample.

What that means is there’s plenty of time left in the day to get all warm and cosy on your lap and act as that furry leg warmer you always wanted. 

I actually measured to see how much our Frenchie sleeps each day. You can see that represented in the graphic below or find out more here.

French bulldog sleeping habits and schedule

3. Frenchies are great as therapy dogs

If your feeling down and want a lap dog that is bound to cheer you up and make things feel better, then a Frenchie could be just the companion for you.

Frenchies offer unconditional love and are often taken into children’s homes because of their happy go lucky personality. You can read more about Frenchies being used as therapy dogs elsewhere on the blog. 

4. Frenchies like to protect their owners

The best lap dogs in the world are the ones that are protective of their owners. They want to sit on you, make sure you’re ok, and be the security blanket you always wanted.

Frenchies are not aggressive dogs in general, but they can be quite feisty when it comes to their masters… and that will often be demonstrated on how they want to sit with you and on you constantly. 

do French bulldogs cuddle
Frenchies loves cuddles as you can see when our friend came to visit.

5. Frenchies have a good temperament

One of the reasons why Frenchies have become so popular in recent years is their excellent temperament. They are eager to please, affectionate, and very happy dogs.

This temperament and non-aggressive personality make a Frenchie an excellent lap dog. It’s unlikely they will bite and snarl at you if you want to get up to grab a snack.

Why Frenchies don’t make good lap dogs

But as I mentioned earlier, there is a reason why a French Bulldog might not be the best lap dog for you; their size and weight.

Yes, Frenchies are a small breed, but are they small enough when fully grown to sit comfortably in your own lap?

To give you an example, our little man Claude was great as a lap dog when he was a puppy. However, he’s now fully grown and it’s not always that comfortable when he wants to sit on our laps.

Whilst that adorable little Frenchie puppy you have seen will love to cuddle up into your lap, he is going to get bigger!

why do French Bulldogs like to cuddle
Claude as an adult Frenchie isn’t always that comfortable when he tries to sit on us.

For example, here’s how heavy your French Bulldog could get as an adult.

  • Males are 20 to 28 pounds in weight range
  • Females 18 to 26 pounds in weight range

Is that too heavy for you and your lap?

Compared to a classic lap dog such as a chihuahua (beware of their bites!) which can weigh in at 6 pounds, that’s quite a significant difference.

Some Frenchies can also grow quite tall. Our own dog Claude is tall for a Frenchie, and you can see just how high he grew too in this blog post about height.

In my personal experience of owning a male Frenchie, he loves to cuddle, and he loves to get up and on top of us when we’re on the couch and sofa.

Whilst it can be quite funny, it’s not particularly comfortable for long periods of time.

Because of that we prefer it when Claude sleeps up next to us when we’re watching TV or sat on the bed. It’s much easier to deal with.


Frenchies love to be lap dogs, but when they get big it won’t always be that comfortable for you.

However, if you want a dog that will snuggle up beside you on a cold winter’s night rather than curling up on your lap, a Frenchie is perfect.

Marc Aaron

I am one of Claude the French Bulldog's human parents. I write about all the things we've learned about owning a Frenchie, the adventures we have, and any advice and tips I've picked up along the way. Read more about Marc Aaron.

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