French Bulldog Shark Fin Life Jackets & Vest: Cute & Safe!

French Bulldog life jacket shark

If you’ve been on any French Bulldog social media pages in the last couple of years, you must have seen those videos of Frenchies swimming with shark fins? It’s adorable isn’t it? There’s something really cute about a French Bulldog shark life vest… it’s the dichotomy between a cute Frenchie and an aggressive shark that gets me every time.

But, do these French Bulldog life jacket shark designs actually offer the safety you need? Do they work, and if they do, which are the best ones to buy?

The bottom line is this; you can buy some very cheap French Bulldog shark life vests which look cute, but they don’t offer the buoyancy and flotation you need with a dog like this.

However, there are a couple on the market which do work very well for keeping Frenchies afloat.

So, if you want to buy a French Bulldog life jacket with shark fin, look no further. The ones below are the products that are rated higher for safety and buoyancy above all other shark fin designs.

1. Queenmore French Bulldog shark life vest

This is without doubt the best shark fin design on the market that will fit a Frenchie. It has outstanding Amazon reviews, an easy grab handle, quick release mechanism, and a loop to attach a dog leash to.

Unlike some of the cheaper Frenchie shark life jackets you can buy, the fin on this one actually stays upright. The low-quality imitations do have a tendency to have a floppy fin, but not this one. It’s upright and stays erect even when wet.

2. SwimWays French Bulldog life jacket shark vest

This has good reviews, and it is functional and flotational, but… I guess don’t like the design as much. It just doesn’t look as good as the Queenmore shark fin life vest.

Your Frenchie will float, but will they look like a cute shark in this one? Probably not as cute and adorable as the first recommendation. This is one to buy should the Queenmore product be out of stock.

3. Snik French Bulldog life jacket with shark fin

The double foam color on this one will help to keep your Frenchie’s head above water, but don’t expect any shark warnings from the coast guard… it doesn’t come in the classic grey shark color like the Queenmore.

Essentially this is the same product as the SwimWays Frenchie shark swimming vest, you just have a different color option. If you want your Frenchie to look like an orange shark and still cute, you might want to consider it.


A French Bulldog life jacket with shark fin is the ultimate summer swimming accessory for any Frenchie. Despite what you might have heard, French Bulldogs cannot swim, but you can certainly give them some help with one of these Jaws-inspired life vests.

Imagine walking down the beach with your Frenchie wearing one of these. Frenchies are like rock stars anyway, but this life vest is going to attract even more attention than they usually do!

If it were me, I’d buy the first one on the list of recommendations. It is the best Frenchie shark life vest and certainly the safest in my opinion.

However, if you want something truly exceptional, I’d advise you look past the shark fin designs and instead get something of the highest quality.

You can see which other life vests I recommend in this guide to the best Frenchie life jackets.

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