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With summer fast approaching, thoughts soon turn to what beachwear is best for you and your pup. There’s no doubt about it; a French Bulldog in sunglasses or goggles will be the coolest hound on the block – not only will your Frenchie look the business, but his eyes will also be protected from the sun’s UV rays.

But, with French Bulldog goggles and sunglasses being so popular, there have been lots of them coming onto the market. However, most are cheap and nasty Frenchie goggles that won’t adjust, easily slip off, don’t last, and offer zero protection from the sun… and if that wasn’t bad enough, just look low quality.

With that in mind I decided to put together a short list of recommendations for the best French Bulldog sunglasses and goggles.

There are 3 suggestions here, all of which are the best in quality and have been rated in French Bulldog social media groups as being the best Frenchie sunglasses or motorcycle goggles that money can buy.

Important: Choose a pair of goggles that will bend in the middle and have a deep frame. A Frenchie’s unique head shape will struggle with sunglasses that sit flat on their face so you also need a pair that adjust with elasticated straps.

Best Sunglasses for French Bulldogs for UV protection

My top recommendation is the Doggles brand on Amazon. They offer 100% UV protection, bend in the middle to fit a Frenchie’s face, have deep set lens, and are comfortable and adjustable. As you would expect, they are also anti-fog and shatterproof.

These are perfect as both sunglasses and French Bulldog motorcycle goggles to offer protection from wind, dust, debris, and other hazardous objects.

Plus, your Frenchie will look super cool in these ones. They have various different colors and designs so once on Amazon do a quick search for “Doggles” to see what others might suit your Frenchie.

Best goggles for French Bulldogs on a budget

The best rated sunglasses that come in at a cheaper price would be these adjustable ones on Amazon.

They do offer UV protection, although they don’t say how much. Based on that I have to assume the UV rating is not as high as other brands. You do get anti-fogging which is great for Frenchies playing near water, and the lens is shatter proof. They also come with a very simple to use adjustable strap, which in theory should mean they stay on the most stubborn Frenchie.

At this price, they are one of the better sets of French Bulldog goggles, but don’t expect them to stand the test of time, season after season; the manufacturing isn’t as great as other brands.

Frenchie Swimming Vests: I also reviewed the best French Bulldog life jackets which will keep your Frenchie safe whilst near the water this summer.

Best French Bulldog motorcycle goggles money can buy

motorcycle goggles for a french bulldogWhether your Frenchie will be joining you for a motorcycle ride or you just like the vintage look you get with a pair of motorcycle goggles for French Bulldogs, Amazon has something for you.

However, in this case I want to make a recommendation away from Amazon, for the Rex Specs Wide Small goggles (view website).

The reason these ones are so good is because they offer full wrap protection and visibility. That means there are no gaps for dust to get in, and your Frenchie can see a wider range of vision.

The wide small ones are perfect for dogs with flatter faces but are only available to buy direct from Rex Specs.

Many dogs hate wearing sunglasses as it can reduce their scope of vision. That’s not the case with these ones!

The bottom line is this; these are without doubt the best sunglasses or goggles you can buy for a Frenchie. Go check them out.

What to look for in a pair of sunglasses for your Frenchie

Do you want to make a fashion statement, protect your Frenchie’s eyes from the sun, or protect him from flying dust? Perhaps it’s all three reasons?

Before you take the plunge and buy a pair of sunglasses or goggles for your beloved pooch, here are some considerations you should take into account.

1. Are you worried about style, function, or both?

Before you choose, ask yourself why you’re buying your French Bulldog a pair of sunglasses. If it’s just for style you won’t need to worry about UV protection, only about the look, feel, and fit.

Alternatively, if your aim is to protect your Frenchie’s eyes from the sun and dust, some of the following points will take on a lot more importance.

2. Size and fit

I’ve never met a Frenchie yet who isn’t active, and this has implications for the sunglasses or goggles you choose. They will need to fit your dog well but not be too tight to be uncomfortable.

With this in mind, choose a pair that have an adjustable strap and flexible frames. This should mean they stay on your Frenchie’s face whilst being comfortable for them.

3. UV protection

Strong sunlight can hurt and harm your Frenchie’s eyes, particularly as they get older. It’s important to choose a pair of sunglasses that have adequate UV protection.

The best ones tend to have a UV rating of UV400. Plus, dark lenses don’t necessarily offer better protection from the sun. It’s about the UV rating.

4. Total coverage against sun and dust

If you want a pair of sunglasses that will protect your Frenchie’s eyes from more than just the sun, then a pair of goggles work better in this respect.

The best French Bulldog goggles tend to wrap around the head more and offer total eye coverage versus a pair of traditional glasses.

5. Quality materials and durability

The best sunglasses for a French Bulldog will have to withstand a lot of punishment. The first time you put them on, your Frenchie will probably paw at them and push his head onto the ground.

If you can buy a pair with decent materials such as rubber and strong plastic, with shatterproof lenses, then you’re on the right lines.

6. Anti-fog lenses

Active Frenchies might appreciate an anti-fog feature. They can stop the lenses getting misted up when playing near water.

Why your Frenchie should wear goggles or sunglasses

Aside from the fashion-conscious element of getting your Frenchie to wear sunglasses, there are some more practical reasons why a pair of goggles are needed.

These can include eye protection for Frenchies who:

  • Walk near dusty roads or in polluted areas.
  • Poke their heads out of car windows.
  • Ride on motorcycles.
  • Play outdoors in high winds or on sandy beaches.
  • Play in water where bacteria could be present.
  • Run through woods and forest with hazards at head height.
  • Live in areas with strong sunlight and potential UV ray damage.

FAQs about doggy sunglasses

And lastly, here’s a selection of the most common questions people will ask before buying their French Bulldog sunglasses.

Do dogs really need sunglasses?

Whilst UV rays are only harmful to dogs that have an existing eye disease or suffer with allergies, this doesn’t mean sunglasses should be discounted for all dogs.

The bright sun can affect their vision and reaction times, plus debris and dust can damage their eyes if not protected with goggles.

There are also studies to suggest that dogs can suffer with snow blindness if their eyes are not adequately protected.

Why would a dog wear goggles?

Dogs wear goggles for a variety of reasons, many of which I have already covered off with regards to eye protection from hazards and the elements.

In fact, bomb detection dogs in the US Military have goggles fitted as standard to protect their eyes against flying debris, so it’s not uncommon at all.

How do I get my dog to wear goggles?

Some tips include:

  1. Let them see the goggles first: Put the glasses on the floor and let your Frenchie sniff them and get used to them.
  2. Put them on outdoors first: If you put their sunglasses on indoors it wil be very dark and could scare them. Instead, the first attempt should be done outdoors so they can see better.
  3. Distract him and offer treats once they are on: The first time you put them on, immediately distract your Frenchie will over-excitable play and running around. Give him treats and lots of praise. Repeat this so your dog associates the sunglasses with fun times.


Whether you want your Frenchie to look cool in the summer for a photo shoot, or need to give them something to protect their eyes on a motorcycle ride, goggles are an essential piece of gear. The recommendations above are the best fitting for Frenchies, but please do follow the manufacturer guidance on measuring before you buy.

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