7 of the Best French Bulldog Halloween Costumes for Sale

best french bulldog Halloween costumes

If you’re anything like us as owners, you want your Frenchie to be involved on all occasions including all celebrations and holidays. And why should Halloween be any different? After all, our kids dress up in Halloween costumes and fancy dress, so why not get our French Bulldogs into the “spirit” of things?

This is what today’s guide is all about; the best French Bulldog Halloween costumes for sale so you can get your dog looking as spooky, scary, or just as cute and funny as possible on fright night.

As well as the best Halloween costumes you can buy for your Frenchie, I’ve also included some videos lower down the page so you can see just how cute these costumes are. All the outfits are ranked in my order of preference – see if you agree with me!

1. Chucky Doll costume

This terrifying outfit is possibly the most famous (or infamous) of French Bulldog Halloween costumes as it was featured in a video that went viral in September of 2019. The scary doll costume comes with the Chucky Doll outfit and the wig part too. What really sets this apart from anything else though, is the wobbly arm and fake knife.

If you have kids, perhaps this isn’t the best choice as a cute French Bulldog Halloween costumer… far from it in fact! But if you want to freak your friends and family out, it’s a great choice!

You can see that video of this scary outfit in action lower down the page, but if you do want to recreate the Chucky Doll look from the Child’s Play movie, check the prices on Amazon.

2. Werewolf costume

Like the scary doll outfit, this cool werewolf Halloween costume also has fake arms at the front which gives the illusion that your Frenchie is running upright when wearing it. It’s a hilarious look sure to give everyone the giggles on the witching hour.

And what better way for your Frenchie to help have fun this Halloween with an outfit that “screams” scary at you. It comes with the main outfit, a removable cape, and a hairy werewolf mane that attaches with an elastic strap.

This is one of the best French Bulldog Halloween costumes on the market. Don’t just take my word for it though, read the excellent Amazon reviews.

3. Darth Vader Star Wars costume

What better time for your Frenchie to join the dark side than Halloween with this awesome Darth Vader inspired outfit? It’s a two-piece outfit with the Sith Lord’s cape and body armor in one, with helmet attachable with elastic.

If you are a fan of the Star Wars movies you will know that Darth Vader is famous for his strained and shallow breathing… which isn’t that dissimilar to how some Frenchies sound in truth.

Of all the Halloween outfits on display here, this is definitely one of the funniest… especially when you play the Star Wars theme tune music as your Frenchie comes marching down the hallway!

If you want to get your Frenchie kitted out like Luke Skywalker’s father, click here to see the Amazon prices.

Handy Hint: Love Star Wars? If you do, check out all these amazing costumes for your Frenchie including Chewbacca and Yoda!

4. Beetlejuice costume

Beetlejuice was one of Michael’s Keaton’s finest acting moments. Unfortunately, he didn’t win an Oscar for his spooky performance but perhaps your Frenchie could win a supporting actor award for being by your side this Halloween?

The outfit comes with the dickie bow costume which stays on using Velcro, plus that crazy Beetlejuice wig which really makes the costume what it is. It’s a very popular French Bulldog Halloween costume as you can see from the Amazon reviews.

5. Skeleton costume

Whilst I don’t think this is one of the best Frenchie Halloween costumes on sale, there is one aspect to the skeleton outfit that sets it apart from the other spooky choices… the bones glow in the dark!

Yep, you heard that right. This outfit is illuminous at night, so nobody will miss you and your Frenchie coming down the road… and will see what looks like a trotting skeleton coming their way!

If that isn’t enough to scare even the bravest of souls this Halloween, I don’t know what is. Just like the other funny outfits, you can buy this costume on Amazon.

6. Stegosaurus dinosaur costume

Dinosaurs aren’t really a Halloween theme, but I wanted to include a couple of options because I think they make for really cute French Bulldog Halloween costumes (and at any time of the year really).

This one will make your Frenchie look like a cute stegosaurus and comes with foam filled spiny bits which stay up all Halloween along with that large spiny tail. The dinosaur head is separate, but easy to attach – see what the Amazon reviews say.

7. Triceratops dinosaur costume

And for my last recommendation, it’s the second dinosaur outfit. This is a triceratops headpiece, so no body outfit this time. It’s simple, effective, and very, very funny.

If you want your Frenchie to have added “roar” this Halloween, this could be the perfect accessory to make them scary with. See what the latest Amazon prices are.

Funny videos of Frenchies in Halloween outfits

At the top of this buyer’s guide I said I’d show you some videos of Halloween costumes in action. Here are three of the best I found on YouTube, the first one featuring the scary Chucky Doll outfit. The last video even shows you how you can make your own costume!

Video #1: Frenchie dressed up as Chucky from Child’s Play

In the video below we see Romeo the Frenchie dressed up as a scary Chucky Doll for Halloween. Is it cute, or is it scary?

I will leave that up to you decide and whether you want your Frenchie to be dressed up for Child’s Play this Halloween!

Video #2: Frenchie dressed up as Rambo

On a similar tip and style, how about taking your Frenchie out this Halloween dressed like Sylvester Stallone from the Rambo and First Blood movies?

Video #3: Make your own funny Frenchie Halloween costume

Alternatively, why not make your own funny French Bulldog Halloween costume this year? That’s exactly what the owners of Isa and Hugo did in this video tutorial below.

If you don’t like the scary ghost outfits they made, you could probably take what you learnt from the video and make something more extravagant like the ones available on sale in this guide.


I hope you’ve found something ideal to dress your Frenchie up in this Halloween. If your Frenchie is anything like ours, they will love getting into the fun of the night with you. Our Claude always wants to be a part of things, no matter how strange or silly, and Halloween is just one more occasion where they never need to be left out!

If you want to see more ideas for things for your Frenchie, head on over to the French Bulldog gear section which contains recommendations on a range of accessories and gifts.

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