Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges? Yes, But Not This Specific Part!

Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges

Frenchies love to eat anything they find, and as an owner it can be very tempting to offer our pet a tasty treat in addition to their normal diet. Whilst dogs don’t really need fruit, it’s not unusual to let Frenchies eat small pieces of orange. But are oranges safe to feed to a French Bulldog and should you be concerned? 

Can French Bulldogs eat oranges? Frenchies can eat oranges as they are not toxic. However, oranges, mandarins, tangerines, and clementines should only be fed in moderation and as a tasty treat. Seeds, pips and peel could present a choking hazard, so only let your Frenchie eat the orange slices and flesh.

That’s the short answer, but there’s a lot more to it I wanted to share with you, based on the research I’ve done on vet websites this week.

Can my Frenchie eat oranges safely?

What I found was that the sweetness and citrus taste of oranges isn’t actually that big a deal for Frenchies. They will probably quite like the taste in truth. Vets say that the naturally occurring sugars you find in fruit are perfectly safe in small amounts. 

The vitamin C in oranges isn’t dangerous as it will dilute inside your Frenchie’s body and then be passed out through their urine.

In fact, some dogs who have too much exercise find that their livers are unable to make vitamin C, so in cases like this, oranges can actually be beneficial.

Some vets will even administer a shot of vitamin C to dogs that have eaten something toxic to counteract the poison. In my recent guide to what veggies Frenchies can eat, I spoke a lot about the poisonous nature of onions and garlic… vitamin C can (in some cases) battle this toxicity.

However, for most dogs, including Frenchies, they don’t really need to take on the extra vitamin C that oranges and similar fruits offer.

According to one vet website I studied, dogs get enough of the nutrients and vitamins they need already from good quality dog food.

It’s not essential you feed your Frenchie oranges, but as owners we all understand that it’s fine to give your dog a small and tasty treat from time to time.

Are oranges bad for French Bulldogs?

Well, here’s the thing… all food that isn’t specifically recommended for a dog’s diet can be bad for them. Whilst oranges aren’t toxic to Frenchies, they are occasions where you need to be very careful.

If you have an overweight or diabetic French Bulldog, the high sugar levels and additional calories you feed them by adding oranges to their diet could be harmful. That’s why the vets recommend the 90/10 rule with any snack or treats.

The 90/10 rule is easy enough to follow; with any type of snack, oranges included, limit this and anything else to only 10% of your Frenchie’s daily calorie intake. 

Then there’s the peel, rind, and pips… and this is where you need to be extra careful.

Can my Frenchie eat oranges
Your Frenchie can eat oranges, but don’t let them eat the peel or seeds.

French Bulldogs should not eat orange peel, orange rind, or the pips of an orange. The peel is particularly tricky for your Frenchie to digest… it’s hard for dog’s stomachs to break down.

There’s also the risk of choking that orange peel and pips can present. That’s why it’s important to prepare the orange slices properly before feeding (but more about that shortly).

Handy Hint: I’ve prepared a downloadable guide you can print off and put on your fridge which explains what fruits are safe (or dangerous) for Frenchies to eat.

What about French Bulldog puppies and orange?

French Bulldog puppies have very sensitive stomachs. Their digestive systems are yet to mature, so with any form of unusual food, caution is key.

Whilst Frenchie puppies can eat oranges safely, I would start off with a very small segment only. Let them eat the one slice, and then monitor how they go for the next 24 hours.

When Claude was a puppy, he vomited a lot. It took us a while to get used to the throwing up (here’s how), and we now know what foods to avoid with him.

Your puppy will be the same, and over time you will get to know how he works!

What are the health benefits of orange?

At the time of writing this guide I could find no online research that has been conducted into oranges and dog diets. However, there are lots of studies available which promote the health benefits of oranges for humans (read more on the BBC website). 

“Oranges are known for their vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage. One orange will provide the NRV (nutrient reference value) of vitamin C. They also contain health-promoting compounds known as flavanones which can help support the body and protect from conditions such as heart disease and cancer. They’re also thought to have some anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial benefits. Oranges are also a good source of fibre, B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium and potassium.” 

Based on that, how should we consider oranges in a French Bulldog’s diet?

Well, I think we have to take the human-based research and apply that generally to how your dog could react to it, but with a big does of caution.

We know that vitamin C is good for dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, vitamin C can act as an important antioxidant in a dog’s diet. Apparently, it helps to reduce the damaging free radicals and can help to limit inflammation.

We can also consider oranges to be a fantastic low calorie treat for a Frenchie, providing you follow the 10% rule of thumb I mentioned earlier.

How to prepare orange for your Frenchie

Keeping to the 90/10 rule, only let your Frenchie eat a little bit of orange each day so it only makes up 10% of their calories – and that’s combined with any other treats. The 10% includes all snacks.

In real terms, that means a couple of orange slices are fine for your Frenchie given the size of this breed. 

Before you let them eat orange though, make sure it’s completely peeled, and remove and seeds and rind to avoid choking.

If you want to get even more creative, I found an orange and cranberry dog treat recipe on the 

Can French Bulldogs have orange juice or squash?

You would think that any drink with a citrus taste in it would be a turn-off to a Frenchie. After all, surely the acidic taste would be nasty, not to mention potentially playing havoc with their digestive system?

But, Frenchies do like sweet tastes, so don’t be surprised if they try and lap orange juice up given the opportunity.

However, orange juice isn’t going to be as beneficial to your French Bulldog as it would a human being. They really don’t need any more vitamin C in their diet, and actually, the high levels of sugar and fructose in commercially available juice could upset their stomachs.

For these reasons, I don’t believe Frenchies should be allowed to drink orange juice or squash. It’s just far too high in calories and sugars for them, and could lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating, nausea, and upset stomach in high quantities.

Fresh orange would be better as it won’t be as high in sugars compared to some commercial drinks available, but I would still avoid it whatever the format or concentration is.

To conclude, if your Frenchie does have a little lick of orange juice that you spilt on the floor, please don’t worry. It’s very unlikely your dog will become ill with a small amount.

Can French bulldogs eat tangerines?

Frenchies can eat tangerines, using the same principals and guidance that applies to oranges.

Can French bulldogs eat mandarin?

Frenchies can eat mandarins or a clementine, but just like above, you should follow the same guidance I’ve given for oranges.

What about other orange-flavoured foods?

We’ve established that French Bulldogs can eat oranges in small slices, but what about other food types with oranges in? Well, it goes without saying (I hope) that you won’t be feeding your Frenchie any of the following foods:

  • Orange cake
  • Orange jelly or jello
  • Orange ice cream
  • Orange marmalade

All of the above are packed with sugars, and way too much for a dog’s digestive system to handle. 

Related questions

Whilst researching vet websites to find out whether my French Bulldog can eat oranges, I stumbled across a lot of common questions other dog owners ask. I just wanted to recap on a few of those for clarity. 

Can orange kill a dog?

It’s very unlikely that orange will kill a dog. This fruit is not toxic or poisonous to canines. However, in large amounts it could make your dog ill, and the rind and skin could present a potential choking hazard, so always play it very safe. 

Are oranges healthy for a dog?

Whilst clementines, mandarin, oranges, and satsumas are not toxic to dogs, they are high in natural sugars and could lead to a gastrointestinal issue if eaten in large quantities.

In small amounts, oranges can be healthy for dogs but limit the portions to no more than 1 or 2 segments each day, making up for no more than 10% of their daily calories.

Can dogs eat orange peels?

Orange peels aren’t toxic, but they are difficult for dogs to digest. Don’t let your Frenchie eat orange peel, just let them feed on orange slices with no seeds or rind.


I don’t have any veterinary qualifications but have done my best to find out whether French Bulldogs can eat oranges. I encourage you to do your own research, and definitely talk with your vet before feeding your Frenchie anything “human” intended. 

If you do decide to let your Frenchie have some orange as a tasty treat very occasionally, please make sure that you start off small first so you can monitor them for any adverse reaction.

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