Toys and Fun Stuff

Here are the toys and fun accessories we use with our own Frenchie, Claude. All of the French Bulldog toys and fun accessories below will help your dog lead a healthier life, keep them entertained, and hopefully wear them out!

Kong (view on Amazon)

You simply must have a Kong toy for your Frenchie. They keep your dog busy and active, particularly if you have to leave them alone for a couple of hours. Simply put dog treats, peanut butter, or another healthy snack inside and it will keep them entertained for hours. I recommend you buy the smaller Kong toys as they will suit the size of a French Bulldog’s jaw.

Bomber Ball (view on Amazon)

Our own Frenchie used to annihilate any ball we gave him until we found the Bomber Ball. It’s tough, won’t rip, and will last for ages. I won’t lie, they aren’t completely indestructible but our first one did last us 12 months before we had to replace it. Compare that to footballs and tennis balls that would last just a few days, and the Bomber Ball is a absolute steal at the price, offering months of playtime fun.

Tug of War Rope (view on Amazon)

Claude the Frenchie loves to play tug of war and we’ve had hours of fun with this indestructible tug of war rope toy. Claude will often pick this up off the kitchen floor and come and nudge my legs when he wants a game. Frenchies love to play tug games and won’t stop until you let them win the day. This one has superb reviews on Amazon and is almost identical to the one we currently own – we’ve never had to replace it, they last forever.

Laser Pen (view on Amazon)

You might have seen some of our YouTube videos where Claude is playing laser pen games with our cat. We tend to use this on a rainy day when we can’t get outside to walk him, and he will chase and chase the laser line until he’s completely worn out. He’s never caught it yet! This is one of the cheapest Frenchie toys you can buy, but will honestly be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Want to see more toys your Frenchie will love?

These toys are just the basics. There are so many more you can buy which will also entertain your Frenchie mentally. To see our list of best toys for Frenchies that our own dog has loved to play with go here; the 18 best French Bulldog toys our dog loves.