French Bulldog Phone Case & Covers for iPhone & Samsung

Owning a French Bulldog is like being in a very special club… but it’s not a secret club! We love to show our passion for Frenchies and what better way to do that than with a French Bulldog phone case or cover. With one of these you’re not only showing your Frenchie fandom, but also keeping your prize phone protected.

In this guide I will be reviewing the best French Bulldog phone cases which are compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung and more. I promise you that you will find a Frenchie phone cover that you absolutely love!

I am going to start off with the best iPhone cases, so if you have a Samsung keep scrolling down to see ones that will fit your device.

French Bulldog iPhone cases

The following cover designs all feature Frenchies and will be compatible with most iPhone releases.

Kate Spade iPhone case design

Kate Spade was an American fashion designer who sadly passed away in 2018. For Frenchie lovers she did leave us some form of legacy though with her beautiful Bonjour case design. It features Antoine the French Bulldog in his cute little neckerchief and the renowned Kate Spade logo at the bottom.

Unlike many other covers it’s manufactured with a strong clear resin and comes with a strong rubber frame.

Yes, it can be a bit more expensive than other cases, but with this one you pay for what you get; a high-quality white French Bulldog iPhone case that simply looks stunning.

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Black Frenchie iPhone cover

If minimalism is your thing then this sleek black design could be just the ticket. It’s the Maycari cute design and is said to be fully scratch resistant and shockproof (just like they all should be). It makes for an eye-catching gift for the Frenchie lover in your life.

Manufactured using a flexible polyurethane material, this won’t be one of those covers that you struggle to get on and off your iPhone. The flexibility means it will be easier to put on and will fit really snugly around your handset.

This case even comes with a lifetime warranty which is quite unusual for smartphone cases. But I guess that’s an indication of how confident the manufacturer is in the quality of the cover.

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Slim cute floral Frenchie iPhone case

This is one that my wife loves the most. It’s a floral pattern design packaged up in a slimline design with the cute Frenchie cartoon face near the bottom. But don’t let this cutesy design fool you – this French Bulldog phone case comes with military grade drop protection.

It’s one of the top-selling Frenchie covers on Amazon, and at time of publication had some of the best reviews I’ve ever seen compared to similar cases. People who have already bought it tend to mention the quality, sturdiness, and classy design.

So, if you want a French Bulldog phone cover for your Apple iPhone that doesn’t just look cute but also stands up to punishment, this is probably the right choice for you.

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Lightweight cover with peeking Frenchie

What I like about this case is how the cute little Frenchie is peeking out at you. You can imagine pulling this out of your pocket or handbag and not failing to smile every time! Let’s face it, Frenchies make us laugh, and this cover can do the same.

It’s compatible with most iPhones, is a slim designed clear hard back cover with a cute little black Frenchie on it. Like others on this page, it is said to be shock-absorbent, but is the lightest of all the cases featured here.

Plus, you won’t find this artwork anywhere else. This design has been especially hand-drawn by an artist to only feature on this phone case. It’s pretty unique and is one of the best-looking ones you can buy right now.

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Clear case with funky Frenchie design

Frenchies are cool and fun. That’s why love them. And that’s what you get with this funny French Bulldog phone case for an iPhone – check it out, he’s wearing glasses and a bow tie; what’s not to love?

The great thing about this cover is that it’s clear. That means the color of your iPhone can still shine through, but you will have this adorable Frenchie face superimposed over your handset.

It’s made from silicone rubber and as you would expect, offers easy access to your ports, buttons, and connections – it would be garbage if it didn’t, I suppose.

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French Bulldog Samsung cases

The following cover designs all feature Frenchies and will be compatible with most Samsung phone releases.

Cartoon design with flowing glitter for a Samsung

If I owned a Samsung Galaxy this would be my first choice. It reminds me a little of bit of those Japanese cartoon characters… and Frenchie are cartoonlike in their little ways, so this is perfect.

Set on a pink background with a clear electric blue surround, this is probably the most fun French Bulldog phone case for a Samsung I’ve ever seen. And there’s a reason why… the glitter in it actually moves around.

Whilst you get quality protection for your Samsung as you would demand from a cover, you’re also going to get something so unusual that people won’t be able stop asking about it.

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Sparkling pink and purple Samsung phone case

Frenchies bring enough sparkle into our lives so this Frenchie Samsung case is particularly relevant to fans and owners the world over. But if you need more sparkle and pink in your life, then this is for you.

It’s shiny, slim, and has glitter, and is made from a very strong shock absorbent material. By all accounts you can drop it, throw it, and stamp down on it – at least that’s what one reviewer I read said – don’t try it though!

This cover tends to have very good reviews and has a decent enough price point that should appeal to most. Go take a look on Amazon to see for yourself.

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How to choose the best French Bulldog phone case

I hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration shown above with what I believe to be the best Frenchie phone cases on the market. But what if you haven’t seen anything you like or you’re struggling to decide what to buy?

Let me help you with some tips on how to choose a phone cover.

Decide on a type

Firstly, there are 5 different types of cases you can typically buy for a phone such as iPhone or Samsung. They are:

  • Standard: these cases only offer simple protection to the back and sides of your phone with no protection offered to the screen.
  • Bumper: these cases tend to be very minimal looking and could leave the rear of your phone open to damage. The side bumpers are usually very lightweight.
  • Tough: these phone cases are functional but offer the best protection. Often they will have two of three layers of coverage to absorb all shocks.
  • Folio: these cases look a bit like a book, with an opening fold that your phone goes into. You need to open the case up like a book to access your phone.
  • Pouch: these aren’t really cases at all, but instead are well insulated pouches that your phone can slip in and out of.

Decide on materials

Once you’ve decided what type of Frenchie themed phone case you want, it’s time to think about the materials, and what level of protection each will offer. Here’s quick run through.

  • Silicone, gel, or rubber: this offset the softest solution, but can yellow over time.
  • Polycarbonate or TPU: this plastic tends to be more scratch-resistant.
  • Leather: these are usually found with the folio and pouch cases.
  • Aluminum: metal can weaken wireless strength, but offer good protection.
  • Wood: this very unusual, but will give you a unique Frenchie phone case.

Decide on features

And lastly, what features do you want when buying a French Bulldog phone cover? Here’s a list of the most common features which don’t really need any explaining.

  • Wallet so you can keep things to a minimum.
  • Battery case included.
  • Stand that’s built-in for ease of use.
  • Selfie set-up with forward facing lights.
  • Mount so you can stick it in a car.