French Bulldog Car Seats & Safety Harnesses

Did you know that it’s the law to not have your dog restrained properly in your car in the UK and some states in the US. The average sized French Bulldog will also turn into a massive 1,120 pounds of impact force in a car accident. This is why it’s so imperative that you invest in either a secure car seat or harness so both your and your Frenchie can travel safely, and in comfort. Here’s are three of the best solutions I’ve found which come highly recommended.

K&H Bucket Booster Seat (view on Amazon)

This is one of the most comfortable car seats you can buy, but more importantly is very secure with a double harness and comes with some of the best reviews online. It has an elevated view so your Frenchie can look through the window as your drive, is easy to wash, and comes with a one year guarantee. It’s just the right size for a French Bulldog and will have him happy and napping in no time at all.

Genorth Deluxe Car Seat (view on Amazon)

For something that’s a little more portable, take a look at this car seat. It collapses down and folds away easily meaning you can set it up in seconds on each car journey. For those with large families who often can’t have a seat permanently attached. It’s secure too as will attach to your existing seat belts and headrests for peace of mind.

Kurgo Impact Harness (view on Amazon)

If you would rather just have a safety harness that will clip onto your Frenchie’s collar or harness, then this is the best product I managed to find on Amazon. I would recommend you buy a seat cover at the same time though, if you don’t want hair and fur all over your seats.

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